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Use One Ton Rule for successful business

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There are hundreds things but these aren’t beneficial. A rule has its basis upon two questions and these are what boosts revenues.

You know what 90% of new startups fail every year. Yet you can save yourself by using one ton rule for successful business.

You can be one of them if you aren’t prepared. Do you know why?

Sharp mind with innovative thinking

Motivation and Inspiration is essential to move forward but a sharp mind and innovative thinking are what makes us successful. Have you ever attended any session of successful entrepreneurs? There is inspiration and we get energy to move forward but is it all you need to step forward in business.

Dreaming and moving isn’t enough

The answer is no. Just dreaming and moving is not all. Every entrepreneur has a set of skills which differentiate failure from success. These are developing with experience but there here is a rule which can boost your business as it’s something which is learned b experience named as one-ton rule.

How to use this rule?

There are hundreds of books and courses about business but these aren’t much beneficial without thinking. Here we present a rule that has its basis upon two questions and these are what boosts revenues and makes a business successful. These Questions are

  • Why should I buy it?
  • Persuasion skills to attract and appeal customers to choose your product.

If you are capable of satisfying your customers, then your sales will increase and to satisfy any client you have to answer these two questions.

Ads are everywhere around you but only some attracts us and from those there is a chance that may we decide to go for one.

Real life application

Now apply it to your setup. You have a great product but how will it be sold if no one knows about it or your advertisement campaign isn’t good. Even from small budget you can conduct beneficial campaigns and start promotions for your product by following one-ton rule, defining your audience and making strategies to imply them.

  One Ton Rule it can be even used in ad campaigns but remember the main factor is how vast and great is your thinking. Your intelligence it is just like a flexible tuber which expands yet it’s shape it is what you have to decide there are chances that it may contract. In any business the main thing is your clients as owing a great product is not beneficial if you don’t have great clients so use his rule to attract them. 

Attraction and Persuasion

To get customers split your work into two parts.

In the first part you have to attract customers. The main question you have to work on is why should I buy it. Make it simple and present reasons to customers about the above question.

The second part is of persuasion skills. IT can be developed by observing and experience.

Now I have to go to make myself better. Hopefully we can work together for a better world as good people always do good. Hopefully you are one of those.

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