Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

More Operative, More Opportunitive


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Yes, it’s true. Not for one or two but individuals, companies and giants in the past and still today. No to innovations made king companies bankrupt. Why’s that well thinking we are best or by losing courage to make hard decisions or to adopt innovating technology. Well when you decide to remain a trend follower from maker. The decision is yours yet think carefully as the had stopped thinking.

Kodak and Digital camera

Who don’t remember the giant who ruled photo industry. Do you remember reels or the cameras which formed images on reels which were the printed? It was all Kodak Innovations yet when digital cameras came into existence they closed heir eyes thinking they wouldn’t survive. All just because they produced reels. At last they merely escaped from bankruptcy and lost their title of the king of camera industry. Learn more on how Kodak Failed

Blockbuster and Netflix

Different situation yet same story. Netflix looking for investment a New company while blockbuster ruling. Eve Blockbuster got offer to buy Netflix which was declined by saying too much expensive and they laughed at it. With time Netflix got famous and Blockbuster declined. Learn about rise and fall of business insider here

Nokia and Android

Best phone selling brand who value was $50 billion was sold for just $7.2 billion to Microsoft. All because they turned over their face from IPhone and then IOS thinking it’s nothing they are the main sellers. No to innovations made an elephant an ant. Nokia failure analysis can assist you to learn more.

No to innovations companies bankrupt

The list is long enough yet what we need is neither a story nor news. Being a learner, an innovator or a businessman you have to analyze the reason of their bankruptcy. To what I realize it was their hesitation to adopt emerging technology. They just assumed we are best now and stopped taking risks. Now they are nowhere. Let me know in comments what your opinion is, looking forward to you. Till then best of luck and remember no to innovations made king companies bankrupt.

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