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More Operative, More Opportunitive

Become millionaire just by opening your mailbox

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Lost opportunities

Millionaire mail

Lost opportunities could be anywhere. How often do we open our mail box?

How often we open our mailbox

!2% of users open mailbox daily. A research says 82% of the people don’t open it for weeks.

Mail Rate


What if you could have become rich by just opening your mail? What if opportunities are waiting in your mailbox and you don’t have time to see them just because you are in search of them somewhere else.

 At Snap Chat billions of dollars were missed by Shark Tank’s Chris Sacca as he didn’t reply to an email. When was launched over 200 million shares were traded and its stock price at the end of Thursday was boosted to $28 million. Read more details here

Once a man declined an offer to make an email system

“I was asked to sort out the E-mail system at an early-stage online-auction site for trinkets. I declined. That was (is)eBay” Erik Fair

Opportunities aren’t always looking like a giant e.g: at start they are like an ant for us yet a crazy one and with time turn into a giant elephant. The time to avail them is when they are an ant, opportunities are crazy and that’s what make them unique so be careful.

“Another friend asked me to join his E-mail client software company, with an equity grant, told me that very good things would happen very soon but he couldn’t tell me what, and I’d have to decide right away. I passed. That company was bought a month later for ~$326m.” Erik Fair

Inference : Lost opportunities

So maybe they just passed ad you didn’t realize sometimes in your mailbox or as an offer to do something crazy.

So not only just opening but working at email companies what could I say. It’s about becoming scheduled and a quick yet calm decision maker.

Search for startup email app with good features. Well it’s your creativity, good luck with it. Above all learn from others lost opportunities

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