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Learn more in short time by Feynman Technique

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Learning is essential but sometimes it become time consuming. Feynman technique is the best solution and it’s simple.

  Every complex think has simple origins from where it is evolved. Learning is essential but sometimes become time consuming. Different methods exist for such circumstances but mostly it is difficult to act on them. For such circumstances we are here presenting a simple technique developed by a noble prize winning physicist Richard Feynman. It is a simple technique easy to understand and implement named as Feynman technique.
  Just understand the four steps of this technique and afterwards use them to learn anything no matter how difficult it is. With learning it also boosts your self-confidence and plays a role in self-improvement. To understand how it works go through the following steps;

1)Choose what you want to understand and learn and study thoroughly about it

Study thoroughly and prepare your own notes about that particular topic. Keep it with you and add up notes whenever you learn something new about it.

2)Imagine you are teaching it to other students

Practice as if you are teaching it to others. You should be able to explain it to others. It is improving your concepts and with that your communication skills also improve.

3)Revise it from books whenever you are unclear about any part of it

Whenever you are struck in any part of the topic or anything is not clear go back to books and revise it again and again. By doing this complex parts will also with time become clear.

4)Make it simpler and apply analogies

Repeat the above steps. An addition is to simplify every difficult word. Try t make vocab as easy as possible and try to use analogies where possible as it will assist you to learn and understand the topic forever.

  Just knowing a thing is not enough. Remember “Actions speak louder than words.” So try to use it maybe for once or twice you find it difficult to apply but afterwards you will use it as it is less time consuming and provides more understanding in long term. Don’t hesitate as what you know if you don’t try. Believe in yourself and make it a part of your life.

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