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How marketing gurus surpass talents?

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Marketing Talent

Marketing Talent

How persons with normal skills surpassed talented individuals?

Normal writer with good marketing skills will surpass a great content writer who lacks marketing skills 

By Muhammad Junaid

I am a great writer yet marketing isn’t my field so why I should focus on it. I will write and that’s all. Why should I take a marketing course? An obstacle in success as average writer with good marketing skills will surpass you while you are making both ends meet. A normal writer with good marketing skills will surpass a great content writer who lacks marketing skills like a piece of cake. How marketing gurus surpass talents?

No need of lectures just lifetime case studies of how persons with normal skills surpassed talented individuals and in cases even hire them to work.

Work to Learn –Don’t work for Money

Rich Dad Poor Dad: Lesson Six by Robert T Kiyosaki

Narrating incident of Singapore, 1995 an interview with female reporter who afterwards said “Someday, I would like to be a bestselling author like you”, showed her work. According to author her work was great, clear and great writing style attracting reader’s attention. Afterwards gave her suggestion to take a marketing course which she declined saying I am a writer not marketing advisor. As a result declined offer, eventually never became an author she wished”

Lesson: Always learn, develop skills and learn how to represent them. Learn other skills that make you different in your passion and make a clear path with small goals to reach destiny.

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Marketing dominated brands

Have a look at these brands. Most growing and liked brands that has made worldwide name. What distinguish them from others are their marketing skills.

  • Nike: Promote your values : Just do it
  • Coca cola: Be supportive : Taste the feeling

Its duty of companies to do charity work, Coca cola makes a way no one did before.

  • Spotify: Music for everyone

Swedish company has dominated internationally by its services, all genre music according to your taste. Best filter to get your desires.



Words don’t affect as practical experience do. To know more make a quest of knowledge and study how these brands have used marketing skills to dominate over competitors. It’s possible that Adidas is better than Nike or sound cloud is better than Spotify yet it doesn’t matter. After having a product marketing matters’ that’s why marketing gurus surpass talents. One thing always remain in doubt and don’t believe: it’s a key to learn. Visit their websites, Wikipedia etc.

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