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Animal Translator an opportunity or gadget choice is yours

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Animal Translator

Animal Translator

Insane thinking it’s what brings change. That’s what has made industrial revolution. A computer of the size of your palm or travelling in air, humanoid robots in real life, what is this all about? Actually it’s insane thinking, more precisely creative thinking. And you know what it is evolving with each breath of creative thinkers. Think about an animal translator, talking with your pet or understanding what it says or want, it’s also insane thinking for most people. Yet it will be true. Yup, talking with animals will be possible and not by living and understanding them but by tech.

We already know animals interact with one another express their feeling, tell others about danger and a lot more. Here is a snippet of search on elements regarding translation.

“Using deep learning to analyze features in the sound data, the researchers are able to identify the sounds for greetings and other daily communications in a particular elephant herd…..”

Just like in the above research review we can say that somehow we are already moving toward success. Eventually researchers are already working to make it possible using AI.

Animal Translator

Well by using a machine learning AI model that could train itself by hearing animal sounds it can be possible but the main problem is we don’t know the language of animals so how could it be possible.

So to what I think it’s a team work. We have to make AI models that can study and identify human behaviors and what they say under such behaviors. Afterwards what if we select any animal like dog or a bird like lovebird and then allow that model to observe their behavior and translate it to human language in words human say. By this way to what I think it’s possible to identify the emotions of animals and what their expected actions could be, are they happy or sad or aggressive and what made them like that.  

Main hurdle(to know about people thoughts click here at a form answers) stated by people is that we don’t know their language yet we can study their behavior like dolphins, elephants use different frequency t say different things to their groups like after looking at  a stranger etc. Just like in this article it’s about elephants, have a look at this. It’s certain that patterns, tones, reactions and frequencies exist in animals and bird. Just think about your pet. These happen under different situations so if we are able to made an AI model that learn, identifies behavior of animals and compare it with human behavior when such thing happen with humans then precisely we can translate much of what animals say to  one another, there reactions toward us or what they expect from us.

Con Slobodchikoff (Study with Prairie dogs)

Most admiring study and language translation has been done on prairie dogs. To what I can say is best and most productive study. It translated prairie dog voice patterns under different reaction. Like what they say when see a predator, their size, color other description. It is different for dogs, for coyote, for hawk and even for humans. It has been revealed that they even identify different colors. And In different countries where culture changes their language also change

Look at this video which shows their complete study along with results.

 Source Prairie Dogs: America’s Meerkats – Language

Here are some books if you want to know about other possibilities and researches

  • Prairie Dogs: Communication and Community in an Animal Society
  • Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals

Zoolinga (Talk with Dogs)

Zoolinga an organization since 2018 is assisting people with their relationship with dogs. Working with AI, machine learning and a lot more to translate what your dogs want his actions to you. Visit them as it is a live example of already done work on animal translator that has shown most positive results.

Source Zoolinga

No more woof

No more woof is developed by Nordic society for invention and discoveries. It also aims at developing an animal translator, for a dog. By using a EEG sensor, micro computing and BCI software. Currently they are in cradle and have presented their idea on their website.

Animal behavior and cognitive ethology study done by Marc Bekoff, visit his website to know more about his researches related to animal behavior, emotions and a lot more. If you are going for an animal translator then think about an ethologist in your team. Have a look on his work as it might be helpful for you.

Even google started it’s project on animal translator. Click here to learn more

Source Google translate for animals


Animal translator is possible and already a lot of work has been done. What’s for us? Yet after all of the work it’s just beginning we can work on it select an animal or bird, work on it and expand our research afterwards. Mostly today work has been done on dogs as it is found in 40% of our homes.          

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