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#5 second rule for success in life

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Anywhere you want to do something but don’t have courage then count in mind 5, 4,3,2,1 and do it without thinking anything. It is a simple trick to provide courage. Success in life waits for you.

Create spark of success

   #5 second rule for success in life waits for you.Have you ever observed before launching a rocket countdown starts 5,4,3,2,1 and the button is pressed. What happens next well there are only two scenarios. It either embark on its journey or there it may fail. Most of all is a great scene to observe and learn. For instance the countdown process gather’s courage for launching rocket and watching the consequences. Similar is the success in life.

 Success rule illustration

  Now let’s apply #5 second rule for success in life. Let’s understand it by this example. Sam is a worker at a company and today a meeting was arranged to discuss ideas for improving company revenues. Those employees who present ideas that are beneficial for company get promotion. On the other hand rest of the employees due to their dull skills remain on current positions. During meeting Sam got an idea in his mind related to chat boats for increasing revenue and customer satisfaction above all no one has presented such an idea and Sam wants to present it. There are two possible outcomes for him.

   Either he will gather courage and start talking without thinking about the right time to come as it will never come. For instance, he uses the #5 second rule for successful life, counts in his mind 5,4, 3, 2, 1 stands on his seat and afterwards present this great idea. Or else he would be waiting for the right time which won’t come and the meeting will end up with him sticking to fears of joblessness and arising expenditures with less income and other problems.

Guaranteed success?

   In both scenarios the first one seems interesting as he used a trick to gather courage for speaking. In second case he hesitated and decided to wait for right time and it never arrived. By using #5 second rule for success in life trick he stopped himself from being manipulated by his feelings and brought a positive change in his life.

 Hesitation; it ruins everything

   Now apply #5 second rule for success in your life whether you are a student, a professional man, or anyone just try it. There are certain opportunities for us every day. Most of them are wasted just due to the hesitation, that makes us to wait and eventually ruin that chance. It doesn’t matter that where you live or who are you stop hesitating and start doing to pursue a purpose of living and embark upon the journey of achieving your dreams.

What makes Successful People different?

    This is what differentiates a successful man like Elon Musk (self-made billionaire) etc. from others. In other words, they  program their brains by different methods consciously and sub-consciously to befit from opportunities. In short they don’t wait for the right time. Now it’s your turn to express yourself and to discover the true potential present within you. There are already a lot of people from different backgrounds and belonging to different regions who changed their life by applying this #5 second rule for success.

How to use it?  

   To implement it whenever you have to make a decision start counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and just implement it. You will observe that the way towards success that you were trying to achieve through inspiration, motivation etc.  had already started. In other words, it is your first step towards it. Apply this rule to bring a positive change in life and boost confidence as it is just for you.

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