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Services & Goods demand rise with Covid19 chaos

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Services & Goods demand rise With Covid19 chaos

Services & Goods demand rise With Covid19 chaos

Well covid19 deeply hitting countries affecting them worst. With it Services & Goods demand rise with Covid19 chaos. Well under lock-down the only solution to fight against covid19, it’s been observed that there is an increase in demand of services and goods. On one side it is because you need tools and essential to live, to treat the ones affected by covid19. On the other hand those who are under lock-down need goods and services to perform their duties, to live or maybe just to pass their time. Here we will have an overlook on the goods and services whose demand has risen under lock-down and chaos created by covid19.  

Online Services

Well online services include social media, services, information as well as paid and free services. For certain reasons maybe to spread information like WHO WhatsApp service to fight against covid19. Here is a brief overview of services people are befitting from and are best cost effective services to fight and work against covid19.


Well entertainment who hates it. Today mostly we watch movies, spent time on social events or other acts to entertain ourselves. To know more and study a complete analysis of impacts of covid19 on entertainment and what shifts it has made look here.

Azure services

During lock down physically it’s dangerous and even impossible in some places. Well the work or social gatherings nothing stops. Today’s digital work rises with more opportunities. People are already moving to virtual meetings with zoom, go to meeting and azure etc. According to Microsoft azure service demand had already increased and is increasing continuously.

Medical Field


To treat Covid patients some countries are in rush to produce ventilators.  While on the other hand others are donating to assist and help others in the way. Tesla is also donating ventilators to fight against covid worldwide.


Medicine is an essential pre requisite to fight for survival of humans. In such a time there demand has also increased as the world move in chaos. WHO in such a time guide to help countries expand access to essential medicines.

Well maybe I have missed something important. If yes I am looking forward to hear from you. Let me know in comments what else can be added in list ‘Services & Goods demand rise with Covid19 chaos’ like mask and sanitizes. It’s still a long journey to reconstruct the world and come out of chaos. We move united to move fastly and adhere strongly to rise.

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