Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

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Nuclear accident site at Chernobyl Fire breaks and Radiations spike

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Forest Fire

Forest Fire

Ukraine Chernobyl Fire

Disastrous hazards create havoc. On Saturday around Chernobyl two fire blazes erupted in restricted area which was sealed after 1986 nuclear incident. Fires had spread to around 100 hectare (250 acres) out of which fire containing 5 Hectares has been localized and other are being dealt with. The Chernobyl disaster: What happened, and the long-term impacts.

With fire increase in radiations has been measured. ‘Bad news’: radiation spikes 16 times above normal after forest fire near Chernobyl. Authorities said radiation levels have exceeded normal level of radiation due to fires. Although the area is unpopulated as it was evacuated after nuclear incident yet there are about 200 human beings who stayed there. Even more wolfs number in area has also increased.

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