Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

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No lab now an FDA authorized Covid-19 test with result in 5 minutes

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Covid-19 test

Covid-19 test

Emergency use permission has been granted by FDA to the fastest available fastest available molecular point-of-care test. It’s news from healthcare technology maker Abbott. Currently it seems to be the fastest test conductor that gives positive results in 5 minutes whereas negative results in an interval of 15 minutes, currently available only in USA.

 Major issue in controlling novel corona virus pandemic is its testing and treatment. It seems as governments don’t have power to do test, test and tests due to the lack of material. It is expected to conduct 50000 tests per day starting from the next week. Small in size and can be used anywhere uses a molecular technology. Providing rapid results and detects the virus presence via identifying a small portion of virus genome and increases $ amplifies the portion until it’s enough to identify the virus Not only limited to covid-19 testing but also can be used for other viruses including influenza etc.

To know more about how it works look at this video. In the race to overcome this pandemic it looks to bring a great help by reducing testing time from days to hours and even minutes with as small as an interval of five minutes.

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