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Globally Awaited Events postponed by Covid19

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Globally Awaited Events postponed by Covid19

Globally Awaited Events postponed by Covid19

What if your birthday is a month away and suddenly it appears your birthday has vanished. If same happen to what we are waiting for?There are Globally Awaited Events postponed by Covid19.  What about the countries who serve it or put their best to host it. It’s a pride from them. Well Covid19 has already forced a lot of countries to postpone or even cancel some of the most awaited global events round the globe. The first name the list is

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

Firmly committed to hold it yet due to unpredictable situation cause by Covid19 Expo 2020 Dubai UAE has been postponed. It’s like stay home stay safe as your lives are more important than anything else.

Tokyo host of 2020 Olympics

New dates: 23 July to 8 august 2021, well it’s a great shock not only for host but for athletes who had prepared for it. Their spirit and courage, hopefully it will be even more spectacular when they will come to perform in near future.  

World Robot Olympiad

Well as the same suggests it’s thrilling and admirable. I love robots and AI and am keen to see what this competition will bring. Firstly held in Singapore in 2004. With 26000 teams more than 65 countries round the globe.

Calgary Expo

Abbreviated as Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, Began in 2005 as a comic book convention afterwards added movies and television shows. Visit their website to know more. New dates are July 17-19, 20.

London Book Fair

One of the biggest books fair cancelled as a precatory measure against covid19. Well who don’t love books? The London Book Fair also known as LBF statement says it will return in 2021 and will be better than ever.

Globally Awaited Events postponed by Covid19, well it’s all just for us. Now it’s our duty to Quarantine ourselves in our homes as stay home stay save is the best weapon to fight against covid19.

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