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Extended Fortunes in Corona-virus Lock down

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Covid Lockdown

Covid Lockdown

In lock down not everyone is losing, some sit ideal while other work more. I am not talking about live saviors, doctors or forces. Yes Fortune makers, businessman and workers all of them. Extended Fortunes in Corona-virus Lock down is real. Hundreds of millions of people stucked in homes are being fed and entertained by companies like Amazon and Netflix. Most beneficial is entertainment and e commerce sector. The first name comes here


Who isn’t familiar with ecommerce giant Amazon. Recently it has made its co-founder Jeff Bezos the richest person on earth. It has been described as the clear winner in coronavirus crises. Its shares price has increased from 1800 USD to approximately 2400 USD. Look at its price change within a month

Even more Amazon has reaped $11000 as a second coronavirus lockdown bonanza. For more visit The Guardian here.


First have a look at these

· Netflix Worth More Than Disney

· “Netflix now worth more than ExxonMobil as value reaches $196bnBy The Guardian

How will you spend time in home, streaming social media, watching movies well Netflix is a great option. As a consequence its stock have already increased and are increasing more. Have a look ion their growth

 Analysts at Pivotal Research Group said: “We believe the unfortunate Covid-19 situation is cementing Netflix’s global dominance .


It’s an American retail corporation. And its shares have increased from 120 USD to 131Usd


It is a British online supermarket and its shares have increased from falling to again a high price well apart is of lockdown. From 1480USD to 1220 USD and now 1569 USD


A Canadian multinational e-commerce company shares have increased from 359 USD to 563 USD within a month


Chinese multinational technology companies specializing in e commerce shares have increased from184 to 210 USD.

How it affects us

Think for a little while all have one common motive. Provide services to customer to their homes, whether it’s shopping or entertainment. That’s what the world is shifting to online education, shopping and entertainment. It isn’t essential to have a lot of money for eCommerce as a starter even if you have a little money or were a retailer become seller. Like register your store to online e commerce websites like amazon, Alibaba, daraz etc.

Extended Fortunes in Corona-virus Lock down are for specific sectors and industries.Think ahead, whether it’s an opportunity or hurdle in your life. To what I thinks a step to move ahead for a better Future.. The choice is yours!!!

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