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How Pakistani Students Spent Time in Lock-down

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Lock Down

#Covid-19: How youth boosted Their Skills & Career

Time freezes in space so did on earth in Covid-19 pandemic. How students in Pakistan spent this lock down time?

By Muhammad Junaid

Time freezes in space so did on earth in Covid-19 pandemic. True yet with an opportunity to learn and develop to next level. Our future youth on one end utilized this time to move ahead. How youth boosted Their Skills & Career in Covid-19. Our today’s topic, focusing on how students used this positively not only in studying but growing their skillset or doing other positive things. Small yet valuable skills which will pay ahead in future, time to know:

Abdul Rehman | Electrical Engineering from PU

Myself M.Abdul Rehman doing electrical engineering from university of the Punjab Lahore. Everything is fine except one and that is time shortage. I was doing from duties all well but I also want to learn adobe Photoshop and want to start any healthy activity on the platform of IEEE as I am the Student section representative from Lahore Section but I am unable to do because of my busy stuff.

In this quarantine I got a chance to start a healthy activity so I started a activity called “HOME WORKPLACE” like how people are working in this pandemic situation and people across the globe shared their workplaces even I got amazing response of people from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Thailand, Spain, Bahrain and Pakistan. I also watched video tutorials of adobe Photoshop and now I can edit my own pictures and make banners etc.


After all I wish that soon COVID-19 may end soon and everything will come on routine and we can go to our colleges again and have some refreshments with our fellows.

Talha Tahir | LUMS

Quarantine…lockdown….curfew….too much echo of these words now a days…Yoo guys I am Talha and haven’t declared my major yet but I hope to go for BsCS ( computer science)…I could’ve also wasted my whole month by saying ” oo shit..its kickdown….we can’t go out….well die” and blaa blaa….But my parents taught me a different lesson… fight the circumstances instead of  mourning on them coz u can’t run from such situations…. As discussed above I have my interest in CS and there are multiple platforms available where you can show your skills to earn money….and all the time it’s not just about earning money but to the seek for grooming your abilities…these platforms include fiver and up work and many more where I am currently working as an employ…..Another confusion that you need to be CS guy to earn money is totally wrong…you can work as content writer…and another brilliant website is coursehero where you can work as a teacher in your desire subject and you don’t even have to be a degree holder for that….So my believe is that no one can be soet of money is he have firm believe in ALLAH+he really tries his best…I know my believe is a little bit controversial but that’s how I think….and no one can change my thoughts…..  That was the money part 😂 of my quarantine…also I have a great interest in Modern physics and I’m always curious about questions like how the evolution took place??…what if we move with velocity of light?? And how does Islam answer the questions like how this universe begins and about the presence of GOD scientifically….So I searched on it a lot and wrote a research paper on it with the title “is time travel possible”…. Yea I know the title is conveying a message like its concentric on just time travel but it covers a lot more than that including the religious thoughts + scientific proves…..I have applied for google citation with rhis paper and it’s still under consideration….hope that it will get the citation🤣🤣… I think instead of just wasting our time and waiting for this quarantine to end…we can be productive…I know this everything’s online sucks is a bit difficult for us but that’s future….also the good side of this quarantine is that the nature is reviving its strength back and our mother home is free to some extend from all of that pollution….. this world will be totally different when the lockdown overs as technology will take over many jobs as its doing right now and world will be more sensitive towards antipollution….so we need to prepare ourselves for future instead of wasting time

Saud Rauf | BBA Student

It was my second semester in University when the first lockdown in Pakistan was
initiated. Although it was not very good news to hear, I was pretty excited
about the long holidays after my midterms in University. The First few days
were very engaging. I used to watch movies and seasons all the day and then at
night, I spent most of my time gossiping with family. However, the once enjoyable
routine was now getting boring. Pretty soon the movies and seasons did no
longer excite media started missing days in University with my friends. Also
the news everywhere about the new cases and deaths now started haunting me. Now I usually spend my day waiting for it to end. I am desperate to go out to see
the real word, not the one in movies.

The only brighter side of this pandemic for me is that I can concentrate on my studies. Although the online lectures are not as effective, I still manage to help
myself with the hundreds of educational videos in YouTube.

I just wish that this virus ends as soon as possible and people can continue the world as it was before.

 Hamza Saleem | CS Student

“In this time of confusion, I am trying to polish myself well. So my days are
passing by with online lectures hand in hand. I am trying to learn different
programming languages. I also play table tennis. Playing video games and
watching movies. It’s fun to stay at home.”

Saad Ali | Pakistani citizen

“Before Covid-19 outbreak most of time I was busy in social activities, because of that I hardly spent any time with my family and loved ones .And also didn’t focus on
learning or improving my skills and self-improvement. During lockdown I found
enough time to spend with my love ones my family, along with that I improved my
English speaking skills and also focused on my body health. Still learning
skills related to my future.”

Muhammad Junaid| CA student

“I adopted CA as professional career, during studies I was short of time even for my family & childhood friends. I am a writer and started an online project with friends yet due to shortage of time it didn’t worked as planned. With Covid-19 E-learning came in hand and I again started writing, with that I have enhanced my graphic designing skills. I also got a chance to participate in a writing competition. With all that I am reading books for self-development and just finished a book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. It gave me exposure to Business and especially financial literacy. I have got time for my younger brother and sister. Indeed Covid-19 teaches me a lot which I wouldn’t have learnt in normal Life. I should say a blessing in Chaos”

Let us know how you have spent time in Covid-19 via mail

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