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Earth’s Life extends with Covid-19 Lockdown

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Earth Life extends with lock down

Earth Life extends with lock down

Earth’s Life extends with Covid-19 Lockdown, yup pollutants and greenhouse gases emissions have fallen across continents. On one hand pollutants in air are decrease while on other hand the factories producing them are closed. No one thought for it to happen like this. Yet unusually it’s happening, with most countries under lock down the dying earth is breathing again and healing her from the damage made by human activities. Have a look at BBC report “Will Covid-19 have a lasting impact on the environment?”

Research reports

While earth is under lockdown NASA keep its light on discovering and working from homes.

Let’s have an overview of what’s odd and unexpected here

 Ozone depletion level: In the month of March an unexpected thing as due to weather patterns high level ozone depletion are reduced

To overcome curiosity has a look over this research report covering how unusual levels have leas to ozone low over arctic. For more here is NASA ozone watch.

Noise Levels: Nosie levels have reduced under coronavirus lockdown. Semantic noise levels reduce and nature is in peace. This will be in benefit of seismologists who work on frequencies. Mental health will improve. Have a look on benefits of reduced noise level.  If you are an animal lover have a look here “Coronavirus lockdown gives animal’s rare break from noise pollution

Wildlife Thrives:  Yes the lockdown have a positive impact on wildlife. On one side a panda pair living in cage for about 14 years, for the first time have breed in zoo. Moving forward researchers say it is impacting positively on wildlife as they have got more space and calmness which means their behaviors will change positively. Here is an article posted by The Guardian “Emboldened wild animals venture into locked-down cities worldwide” and “UK wildlife enjoys humans’ lockdown but concerns raised over conservation”

Earth’s Life extends with Covid-19 Lockdown

In lock down smog and pollution have given space to blue skies. Watch every night a sky full of stars from your home. Ozone layer is repairing. Animals, plants and birds all showing a change in behaviors as noise level have fallen and they are free from a 24/7/365 human watch. Earth has started to breathe gain. It’s healing and repairing.

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