Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

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Covid19 upturns 12.49% Daily change with 1.44m cases & 85.71k deaths

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Corona virus

Corona virus

It’s time to move ahead in search of making world a better place. Surely it will never be the same as it was before novel corona virus pandemic. Within months Covid19 took uphold of the whole world. Currently as talking about the situation as of WHO report there are 1.44m cases with 85.71k deaths and a 12.49% daily change.

Covid19 Regions Case Comparison

According to the study of WHO case comparison Europe is the widely affected region. Just have a look at this case study

Source World Health Organization

WHO reports are official and authenticated reports. If we dig further cases are a lot more. While many countries are not conducting tests.

Roylab Stats Report

According to Roylab Stats  214 territories are affected by now. Total number of reported cases counts to 1.58m with94.5k deaths.

Well time it change is continuous and no one can stop it. You have two choices go with flow or form it the choice is yours. Also evolutions are a part of our history. Even more from the last century an evolution started which never settled down. From world war to nuclear war which lead to biological warfare. Even more from industrial revolution to tech revolution that was advancing till Covid19 took world under its fear and worst consequences. Also political games never settled. Material wealth becomes our goal and fear of poverty, hunger and diseases always kept us captive. Emotions were drowned in search of wealth. And living an ideal life was a dream. Eventually with time the novel corona virus pandemic will end up sooner or later. Yet there are a lot of opportunities emerging from it. To know more about these opportunities stay with us as will be bringing them to you. For better or worse it will all change.

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