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Covid-19 pandemic upturns 201 Territories with 26.6k deaths

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March 29, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic increases significantly. Confirmed cases have reached to 575,444 with 26654 deaths round the globe. Reported cases along with no of deaths are increasing significantly.

Source World Health Organization

From its emerging origin China it seems to be somewhat controlled while it is creating chaos round the globe. It rushes to grow and currently the effected territories are 201. Comparing to 24 march report no of deaths are nearly doubled and Covid-19 Affected Territories have increased from 189 to 201. The growth is significant.

Source World Health Organization

What’s now?

In contrast with no treatment or cure it’s only your immune system that can fight and assist you to recover. The best way to avoid it is to lock down your selves. Lock downs happening all over the world is the only remedy at macro level to stop it. Precautionary measures are being taken and being a responsible citizen it’s our duty to follow them or disastrous outcomes are in front of us.

Above all advice now is not to panic and take precautionary measures as its best to care than suffering. Like one said

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Likewise the good news is Covid-19 pandemic has already reached its peak and hopefully within a period of one or two months condition will be a lot better. Even more China which was worst effected had already started to recover.

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