Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

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Coronavirus Pandemic 1000k deaths with 52.4k deaths significant increase

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Covid-19 reported cases have reached to 1000206 with 52415 deaths round the globe. Reported cases along with no of deaths are increasing significantly. From its emerging origin China it seems to be somewhat controlled while it is creating chaos round the globe

Source Royal stats club

It has already affected 207 tertiaries with no signs to stop here. With no cure except of your own immune system different behavior has been observed in different territories in terms of people being affected by it.

With no treatment or cure it’s only your immune system that can fight and assist you to recover. The best way to avoid it is to lock-down your selves. Lock-downs happening all over the world is the only remedy at macro level to stop it. Precautionary measures are being taken and being a responsible citizen it’s our duty to follow them or disastrous outcomes await.

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