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How to Build Self Confidence

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Life is too short to let others judge who you are, be yourself to mark a sign in history” Confidence is a basic necessity...

   Confidence is a basic necessity is every phase of life yet most people don’t owe it. Most probably surfacing tips to boost self-confidence are not helpful. Above all remember it’s your life and only your acts will decide what it will be like. For the reason that you are going to spend it. To build self-confidence here are advice of few great speakers and businessmen. Remember “A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” Here we have summarized their advice to understand and thoroughly act upon them;

“Life is too short to let others judge who you are, be yourself to mark a sign in history”

Muhammad Junaid

Uncomfortable zone

Best way to overcome fear and build self-confidence is to put you in uncomfortable zones.  It means to take part in things like public speaking, perform as an orator or a speech competition. Mostly anything like that which makes you uncomfortable. Above all the more you seek the more you get. For instance remember according to physiologists and researchers the best way of development is to face a strong opponent. It brings out the best in you. Similarly when you will strive in uncomfortable zones, your confidence will be build up and most noteworthy the confidence you build will Improve and boost. Decide right now to apply it in your life as it is the best way to build up self-confidence. For the reason just remember, every good speaker was once the worst one.  

Try again & again

A lesson which seems a bit boring because we are learning it since our childhood while only are few are able to implement it in their life. Every successful person has implemented it in his life. Study owner of Alibaba Jack Mao (Chinese) likewise Elon Musk (American) and the one I idealise or even Bill Gates, they all had one thing in common, first of all it was determination and finally courage to stand up every time the had fall down. Thomas Edison while explaining his success said “ I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways it will not work” Work hard and never give up is a short lesson of try again & again. Implement it in your life to build confidence and have a successful life.

Health and Fitness

To build up confidence firstly we should develop and improve our personal traits, how new spend our day. Also our eating habits the way we interact with others. Even more your dressing as it determines the state of one’s mind. If you think that you are well dressed then your confidence level  will be increases which result in better performance similar is the case for health. Most importantly ‘health is wealth’.

Help out others

Certainly researches show that those who help others in their daily life or in other ways are more satisfied with their life. Seems like by assisting unknown people your confidence increases and it also reduce stress level resulting in a better health and a boosted confidence level. Consequently mental satisfaction is attained which leads to the development of confidence level.

Talk humbly

It is seem that mostly when people are confused they speak faster and as a result others are unable or face difficulty to understand your thought and opinions. Certainly new speakers and people with low confidence level repeat the same mistake in gatherings, with friends & family members. To avoid such circumstances you should speak politely and humble as it will build your confidence. Furthermore assist you in interacting with others effectively.

  Make a vow with yourself to implement these advice in your life to increase and build up confidence level and even more move towards a better life. Furthermore always remember

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.

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