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#Covid-19: How current educational system is wrecked and what change is possible

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Educational System

Educational System

To get rich Dump current educational system, creativity changes to Critical thinking or dumbness by educational system.

Why? Because you are not taught, you learn by experiences. We all realize in late ages. Earlier we don’t recognize just blame.  Well now nature has given us a chance to change. First let’s have exposure to most successful educational system, not US neither UK.

Finland Educational System

Finland Educational System is best and most successful educational system round the world. What distinguish it from others?

Before 7 no one go to school. Homeschooling and more unique ways to learn

Day Care Center for children & Kindergarten for 6 years old. Its to learn essential skills especially Corporation and communication skills

Successful life demand skill development. It starts in Finland even before going to school

Once Your School Life start

  • Informal, casual and open environment.
  • Relaxed and informal atmosphere.
  • Bean bag rather than chairs. According to a research you learn more by such techniques.
  • Social attachment with relatives and ethics learning.
  • After every 45 mins class a 15 minute break awaits.
  • Healthy food practice in school.
  • You study real life problems.
  • Resource management learning.
  • Tolerance and decision making.
  • You get to learn by questioning
  • No stress at all.
  • Same teacher form 1st to 6 class as attachment brings comfort and improvement.
  • No IQ discrimination as all students are in same class.

Difference is understood as we know our educations system. Novel corona virus changes old ways by E-Learning. We can teach our children of primary and secondary education.


We present some recommendations to make homeschooling more efficient. For it to be beneficial even when it’s all over

We learn before teaching even lecturers prepare lecture before delivering. We can teach our children of primary and secondary class by ourselves. Develop books reading skills. Google to prepare for lectures. By doing so

  • Child get attached to parents
  • Emotional cup fills with parents
  • Emotional Quotient is developed in Good company
  • Development of mutual relationship between parents and children
  • Economic aspect: fee burden lessens as other education expenses are reduced
  • Allow for learning play time
  • Create opportunities for child to learn
  • Flexible Time
  • Developing books reading and critical thinking
  • Skills development
  • Moral and ethical stories by elders

In Short

Homeschooling models are already deployed. After lock down we can retain positive outcomes of covid-19. Homeschooling can be one of them if it is channeled efficiently. For primary and secondary education we can teach our children. For high school E-learning can be efficient .With it we have plenty of time to neutralize in other positive things. Well territory education we have to join universities but we will be prepared differently and efficiently for this phase of learning. At least it can be adopted till our current education system is reformed. Also it isn’t impossible. Finland has already done it.

Change it’s possible. Courage to take actions will make it possible.

Most noteworthy break chains, break cycle come out of rat race realize your potential. It’s just an aspect of nature call

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