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Best entrepreneurs of this century

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We must discover what we want and after that we should be dedicated to it. To sum up hard work with a proper plan and friends is essential to achieve success

Depression, anxiety and stress issues are due to negative thinking. Motivation is essential to uproot such problems above all to know “If one can do, you can do. If none can do, you must do.” Entrepreneur everyone wants to be so it better know about those who have proved themselves in this modern world. That is to say the best part is that their aim isn’t to make capital and enjoy but contrary to it they work for a better future of humans. So let’s discover the best entrepreneurs of this century.

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

The first entrepreneur on the list is;

1.     Elon Musk

An American self-made billionaire and the one I idealize. He is an investor, engineer and technology entrepreneur. Owner of SpaceX, Tesla and other companies and worked in different areas including electric cars, fire guns and rockets.  He was a middle class family child whose hard work and determination to so something new and better made him what he is today.

2.     Jeff Bezos

A company we today know as amazon was formed by him. He is an investor, technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. Similarly even now he is the CEO of, moreover he is a source of inspiration for new entrepreneurs and for those who plan to become one.

3.     Steve Jobs

Who isn’t familiar with Steve jobs founder of Apple company. Firstly thanks to him for the revolution in tech we know as touch screen. He invented a lot of tech materials for instance things including mp3 and a lot of devices afterwards. Eventually he died but his work will be remembered and most importantly he is a source of inspiration for others.

4.     Bill Gates

Who don’t know about him and his life? He is a true of example of various things like you are never late not start, never give up, take risks and always think the best for human beings. Thanks to him we today have Microsoft Company and windows.

5.     Walt Disney

An idea with determination is all you need. Walt Disney is a live example for you. He made an entertainment and multinational mass media company whose headquarters are in Burbank California.

It’s time for you to change

These are just a few examples of millionaires of this century. In the same vein it was their life and they made a distinction. Likewise Mark Zuckerberg, Adam Weitzman is live examples for us. Meanwhile we don’t need to become them. “Motivation is just like bathing, you should take it daily for better results.” We must discover what we want and after that we should be dedicated to it. To sum up hard work with a proper plan and friends is essential to achieve such success moreover to become a ray of light for others.

“When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.”

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