Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

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AI & Robots in Covid-19 Pandemic

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We all know world’s changing for better or worse. After chaos it will never be the same, social distancing, cleanliness and other measures will become a part of life. With that as one side of wood faces water the other one faces sun. One go and other comes. Life’s like that when industrial revolution came people were worried about their current jobs yet it opened a new way with more jobs and opportunities. AI & Robots in Covid-19 Pandemic now fight side by side with humans. More millionaires came after that, more growth and our world improved.

Now another revolution known as fifth revolution or tech revolution is emerging. During pandemic we have seen how its worth as robots is serving to save humans from contamination. It’s just start. Robots were coming. Novel Corona virus has just boosted the process.

AI & Robots in Pandemic

With practice of social distancing human interaction has suddenly declined and hesitation increases, companies have to reduce staff that came to work to ensure social distancing. Now robots are helping in battle against Covid-19. Robots are used to do work that are risky for human.

To distribute sanitizer and measure temperature in South Korea

Robots scrub floors in Walmart

Food and medicines are served by robots to covid-19 patients in Jharkand, India

Robots perform disinfection duty in coronavirus breakdown. Have a look at full report here.

Here have a look at how robots are working with humans in covid-19 battle by BBC

Picto articles are more explaining in certain circumstances. Have a look here how robots are working in all aspects of life combating against covid-19.

To imply AI is used to identify people breaching rules, not wearing masks or to close. Well it’s a start a lot more awaits for you.

COVID-19: How Korea is using innovative technology and AI to flatten the curve the curve

It isn’t just limited to medical industry. Digital transformation will be boosted. Robot maids in homes will become common. Maybe your delivery boy is a robot and they become a crucial part of our lives as cellphones and machinery have become.

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