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A New Global Face after Covid-19 is controlled

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Past Analysis

Era it had always changed. Evolution were a part yet from the last century an evolution started which never settled down. From world war to nuclear war which lead to biological warfare. Eventually from industrial revolution to tech revolution that was advancing till Covid-19 took world under its fear and worst consequences. Political games never settled. Material wealth becomes our goal and fear of poverty, hunger and diseases always kept us captive. Emotions were drowned in search of wealth. And living an ideal life was a dream.

Present Situation under Covid-19

In all of it 9/11 happened and a statement came world will never be the same as it was before. It’s true as we all had observed a global change in thinking, behavior with others at social, economic and political level. Yet it didn’t settle here. Then a new virus showed its face. First case of Novel Coronavirus emerged in Wuhan China in November 19. Just in a couple of months it surrounded the whole world. Currently according to WHO it has affected 196 territories

(Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Situation Dashboard, 2020)

 Eventually it made whole world lockdown. Everyone restricted to their homes under strict rules and regulation as it was the only cure. Those who denied or waited in hope that it will not affect them at its worst now repent like Italy :69176 cases and Iran (Islamic Republic of) :27017 cases.

On one side it left world in chaos while on the other hand it has also changed the future of world for better or worse.

Future Expectations as Covid-19 is controlled

Bringing families together under a roof to spend time together and provoking emotions without in race of becoming wealthy man. Conversely greeting carefully and avoiding contact. All of these behaviors will affect us for a long period of time. World will control coronavirus, China already had but the effects it will leave on the minds of people, these will not vanish.  These will become a part of our lives. An interesting fact it wasn’t for a territory or region it was for the whole world. On 24th march, 20 its effects were limited to 189 territories and on 26th march, 20 it is 196 territories.

For better or worse our behaviors will be changed. The evolution direction will be changed and hopefully now it will settle down.

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