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Test IQ interpret answer and general behaviors

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Test IQ

Test IQ

Hey I got a simple riddle in a group. It was a Test IQ question. All there were of same age and gave answer quickly yet each one gave a different answer and it took 10 minutes for me to solve the riddle yet when I intercepted the result the reason for different answers was stunning and then by asking others for their answers everyone gave a different reason.

Here firstly you will have a quick overview of all answers along with reason why it differed and what was their mistake. In it there will be a right answer. In comments let me know what was yours in first glimpse of picture. Afterwards we will have a quick overview on best behavior to change our observation and then at last the right answer. So let’s get started.

These values everyone gets correct so no comments on it. Now let’s discuss the variation in answers

  • Value of a pair of shoes =10
  • Man= 5
  • Paper pair= 4

First result= 19

Time taken is 1.5 minutes. It’s good oh man such a good IQ now let’s see how it’s done

=pair of shoe+man+paper pair      =10+5+4   =19

Need to improve observation skills and 1st mistake is missing * sign because of speed.

Second Result=30

Time taken is 2 minutes. Man I am newton.

=10+ (5*4) brackets because of DMAS rule

Need to improve observation skills and only mistake is missing.

Third Result=25

It’s a single jogger not a pair so
=5+ (5*4) = 25

Is it correct no it isn’t he observed but not with full concentration so missed

Fourth answer=41

Boy holds paper so 4+5=9

Then answer is 5+(9*4) =41

It’s also wrong. Reason is lack of concentration.

Mostly stayed on 25 or 41

Fifth answer= 43

=One shoe + ((man + two shoes+ two paper 4) * paper)

= 5+ ((5 + 10+ 4) * 2)


This one is correct answer

What led to wrong answers?

Only lack of concentration led to wrong answers. Everyone knew the values of single item yet no one observed with a free mind. We are in a rush and it brings failure not only here but in other aspects of life. We have to live in present by making sure that we are mentally present in the present neither past nor future.

What else to do?

Free your find and think only on one point. Mostly at the same time we live in present, past and future. This only reduces our efficiency and performance. A live example is here in front of you so change yourself or continue with the way you live. It’s for you to decide what you are and you want yourself to be. As what Test IQ for if it does not improve.

And yeah in comments do let me know what your answer was.

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