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October Seeks Breast Cancer awareness

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October Seeks awareness and pays out by saving lives of a lot of women’s while on the other hand creating awareness
Breast cancer awareness
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Annual international health campaign of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) organized by major charities funded by its supporters in every October. It’s especially to create awareness of the disease and raising funds for treatment and research. Researching, knowing its cause and tips to prevent it. Finally campaign starts on 1st October and ends on 31st October. Every year the people participating, organizations organizing, early medical diagnosis and treatment it all expands and increases.

 Every year a lot of women’s die due to the diagnosis of disease at last stage. The most common cancer in women taking lives due to un-awareness of people 



Events around Globe

  • WHO as a part of national cancer control plans promotes comprehensive control programs.
  • Lyft has been offering free rides to screenings in Chicago especially for this Awareness Month. It’s because every year around 1.6 million appointments of  breast cancer were missed due to transportation problems
  • Breast cancer awareness 2019 events occur around the Hudson valley.
  • Walks are organized in different parts of the world, especially in developed countries.
  • A UK based organization VANS goal is t create awareness and make donations be selling pink ribbon and other products. This year it plans to donate $2000 if it exceeds Coppafeel! To learn more about them click here

Main Goal

The main purpose of this particular event is to create breast cancer awareness. Individuals seek different methods to tell others about it. Some just on social media while others going out, donating, participating and even taking people to screening cancers for medical checkups.  Some by giving messages to their social media relatives and friend even by breast cancer awareness month facebook cover photos or by telling people October is awareness month. And yeah it all pays.

Is Breast Cancer rate increasing?

Firstly check out the report as it says all. Now think by yourself. Only wearing pink ribbon and making donations isn’t all you need to do. Particularly women diagnosed and cured in early stage have increased while on the other hand women getting it have also increased. Most worst disaster why should I pay a visit to doctor or screening center. Furthermore iIt can’t happen to me. This and that. What’ the problem in medical checkout. One should visit screening center once in year as even by now the causes of breast cancer are unknown.

Impacts and Outcomes of Breast Cancer

Visits paid in screening centers increase. Breast cancer awareness month provides a chance to diagnose disease in early stages which can be then easily cured. The main aspect it is more in developed countries demand more attention of researchers to find out reasons of it. Every year , early medical diagnosis, treatment, organizations organizing, early medical diagnosis and most of all people participating it all increases and expands. Checkout this report on impacts of Breast cancer awareness. Also this report specifically targeting U.S breast cancer statics

In short October Seeks awareness and pays out by saving lives of a lot of women’s while on the other hand creating awareness and it’s what makes our lives better. Now it’s your turn to give a helping hand to others.

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