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Humanoid Robots in Real Life

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Your limitation- it's only your imagination.” Today it is clear that what we once imagined has now turned to reality by the efforts and hard work.

Over years it was seemed that robots are just fictions character but today they had already become a reality. The most advanced robot appeared in public is Sophia. Above all it is just like humans and is learning at a great speed. Her progress shows that soon AI is going to be a lot more advanced than our thoughts. First of all remember “Your limitation- it’s only your imagination.” Today it is clear that what we once imagined has now turned to reality by the efforts and hard work of those who dreamed for it and spend their life to achieve their dreams. Those who had already emerged on the globe with their researches have made stunning AI applications. Here we have gathered the best ongoing companies working in robotics especially in humanoid robots and the stunning AI projects they had already developed.

Hansom Robotics

The best humanoid robots developing company that had already developed Sophia and their latest underdevelopment robot is little Sophia that is in its final phase and would be available to public as a children AI toy. It had already done a lot of work in humanoid robotics and is now leading in this field especially in humanoid robotics. It had already made custom character robot, researcher bot, and consumer robot. It is also stunning as it isn’t just mere software but a robot owing resemblance with human in front of you.

Pal Robotics

Developing humanoid robots that can assist in business for serving, talking, Chabot and other robots. It had already made Talos(torque control humanoid robot), Reem-C (challenges your research and updated version of Reem) and Reem (used in fairs, conferences and for security purposes). They had also hade AI gadgets which are stunning and the most of all these products are available in market. Robots are available on rent and for buying.

Boston Dynamics

In movies there are creepy robots of different dog shapes and dogs with creepy and stunning shapes. Now these robots also exist. They had already developed humanoid robots like Atlas(under development). There robots include Spot (climb stairs, handle objects for offices and homes), wild cat, big dog, LS3 are also their animal shaped robots. They had also developed other AI gadgets. It is said that their robots will be available for sale in 2019.

 They are a lot other companies that are working in developing humanoid robots yet the best results are produced by these companies in humanoid robots. Humanoid robots will shape the future of our world for better or worse. Furthermore we can regulate rules on AI development to better ourselves. Someone said ; “The past cannot be changed yet the future is in your power”. Creativity has enabled us to make all this progress and we can improve more for humanity.    

“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place in your own thinking.”

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