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Actions speak louder than words

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The journey is difficult and every one will try to stop you and destroy your dreams. Here Patience and Certainty are the only essentials which can guarantee success; neither stop nor hesitate and remember actions speak louder than words

Strength to accomplish

Do you know actions speak louder than words. My mentor always advised “The strength to accomplish is reduced by talking about your plan or task with others.” I was a dumb student so was unable to understand and act on this advice. I learned later on with time and experience the reality and importance of these words. After harsh experiences and worst realities a thirst to do something better and great developed within me. However at that time I had no friends left and I was facing worst time of my life.   

Pursuing Goals

It was the time when I understood the real meaning of my mentor’s advice. Above all I had got the courage to act upon them.  The first thing I decided was that I will not discuss the details of my plan with others until it’s established. All I knew was “Actions speak louder than words.” Now I decided pursue goals of my life.

Idea about a new startup  

The start was hard as I was alone with a little investment and dull communication skills. I was planning to start a company that will provide specific services to people belonging to all classes. First of all I called my old mates and friends and presented them my idea. However due to dull communication skills all of them rejected it. Even afterwards some of them stole my idea.

After Patience and Certainty

All my hopes vanished after three more moths of failure. It was a time when only patience and certainty had hold me. One day during rain I had to stop a bus stop. Here an old man was present and I used a trick once I had read to introduce my self to him. While talking and presenting my plan I was confident. My communication skills had improved due to the experience. Bus was late but the bus of my destiny had arrived. He was an investor. During that time I presented my plan after knowing his potential and interest in new startups. This time something within me made me lot more confident and my presentation skills were unimaginable and fortunately that person agreed to work with me and made all investments. Now a real time business was starting as I had sold my plan .

Efforts and actions Bore Fruit  

  Here think about how worse and blood draining were the three months when all my hopes had vanished. All of my contacts were lost and nobody agreed to invest even a single penny. Even some of my friends stole my plan and started business based on my idea. However I continued my efforts despite the fact that there was no hope. At last when everything has vanished a great spectacle happened. From dark a ray of light appeared and now I was just one step away from implementing my idea.

New phase of life with one rule

   Here a new phase of efforts started but this time I knew that I am going to do it. The world will see it and at last it become possible. Now let’s close my story, stop thinking who I am and try to imply the rule in your life “Actions speak louder than words.”

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