Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

More Operative, More Opportunitive



How persons with normal skills surpassed talented individuals? Normal writer with good marketing skills will
To get rich Dump current educational system, creativity changes to Critical thinking or dumbness by
In lock down not everyone is losing, some sit ideal while other work more. I
Insane thinking it’s what brings change. That’s what has made industrial revolution. A computer of
Lost opportunities could be anywhere. How often do we open our mail box? How often
Yes, it’s true. Not for one or two but individuals, companies and giants in the
Knowing more makes life interesting. Listening to audio or visualizing it will all be vain if you don’t serve efforts to make it beneficial.
There are hundreds things but these aren’t beneficial. A rule has its basis upon two questions and these are what boosts revenues.
Learning is essential but sometimes it become time consuming. Feynman technique is the best solution and it’s simple.
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